MB Usable Security, LLC believes that early exposure is one of the best ways to prepare the next generation for a career in technology. We are also aware that not all students live where exposure to coding camps is readily available. So we decided to do something about it. Over a year ago, we created the App Developer Juniors program to empower non-technical parents and educators to teach students to code. Think of it as a socially distancing-friendly online coding camp for middle schoolers (ages 10-13).

Email us at info@mbusecurity.com or call (615) 392 – 0896.




App Developer Juniors’ ONE Week Virtual Summer Camp Flyer (Click to Download)



App Developer Juniors’ (Self-Paced Course) focus is Android application development. This course introduces students to MIT Android App Inventor 2, computational thinking, introduction to Python, and the software development lifecycle (SDLC).  Students will also learn wireframing as a part of the application design process. Students will also learn object-oriented concepts such as classes, libraries, functions, variables, lists, and data types. This version is a self-paced course.

Each plan includes:

  • Access to a one-hour weekly Q&A with a software developer.*
  • One parental membership to a private Facebook group and email list dedicated to helping parents nurture their child’s interest in software development.

What you will need:

  • A Gmail account (make sure to make the registered age 13+)
  • To download the MIT AI2 Companion app from the Google Play Store
  • A consistent internet connection
  • An Android Phone (any Android phone will do…even a prepaid phone with 0 minutes)

If you need an Android device, you can order one from us. If you live in the greater Nashville area, we’ll deliver it to your door.



We are a for-profit organization, but we do not want that to stop your organization from helping students. That is why we have 3 ways to partner with us.

  1. Marketing Sponsorship Packages: These packages allow your organization to provide access to a large number of students and accomplish marketing/branding goals. We place your branding throughout the course and collect valuable data from households in the area of your choosing. Contact us for more information.
  2. Charitable Donation (Tax-deductible): If you would prefer that your donation is tax-deductible, we can connect you with one of our non-profit partners. You can donate to them (our non-profit partner) and they will use your donation to share App Developer Juniors with middle schoolers who need it. Contact us for more information.
  3. Fundraiser: White-label one of our camps or afterschool programs as a fundraising opportunity for your organization or campaign. Contact us for more information.
  4. Individual Giving: Gift a middle schooler or parent of one with access. Simply have them register and pay for it yourself.